The biggest change we can expect today and, in the future, is the pace of the deployment. Waterfall model, in which release cycles used to last months and years, is now rare. And Product teams deploying releases to production earlier (and more often).

Today, with Service Oriented Architecture and Microservices, code base is a collection of loosely coupled services. Hence the developers write and deploy changes in different parts of the code base simultaneously and frequently.

The business advantages of shorter deployment cycles are clear:

• Time-to-market is reduced

• Customers receive product value in less time

• Customer feedback…

Below picture shows a pictorial view of Amazon S3 capabilities.

Amazon S3 evolution

a. Since 2006 S3 has shown 80% deduction in price
b. And over time S3 has added several storage classes

S3 New Releases

a. In 2020 S3 has launched new archive in deep archive access tiers, to intelligent tiering storage class, because customers wanted flexibility to automatically moving data to the lowest storage cost offering

In order to further reduce their storage costs, many customers prefer to archive rarely accessed objects directly to S3 Glacier or S3 Glacier Deep Archive. However, this requires you to build complex…

“If your application is cloud-native, or large scale, or distributed and doesn’t include a messaging component, that’s probably a bug”

Tim Bray

General purpose internet software geek

How Asynchronous messaging helps in software architecture

When it comes to software architecture, there are 2 things very important

1. Divide and Conquer: With Microservices we already apply Divide and Conquer

2. Loose coupling: And through Asynchronous messaging we can achieve Loose coupling

Synchronous messaging

1. Synchronous systems are tightly coupled

2. Problems in downstream dependencies can have immediate impact on upstream callers, and that’s why we have Circuit breaker pattern

3. Retry…

What is a database proxy?

A database proxy is a wonderful tool that is able to provide significant functionality across various use cases. Or put differently, the proxy is a middle layer sitting between a database and an application. The application connects to a proxy, which then forwards connections into the database.


Amazon RDS Proxy is a fully managed, highly available database proxy for Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) that makes applications more scalable, more resilient to database failures, and more secure.

Many applications, including those built on modern serverless architectures, can have a large number of…

Supratip Banerjee

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